We have a principal goal of contributing to the Client’s journey to maximise the ROI of trust, time and money. We are here to make all the possible endeavours to nurture our professional relationships. Thus, we want to make recruitment reliable and affordable for you with talent, quality and desired skill set in return.

Let’s talk some facts

Direct staffing costs, employee retention programmes, Training and developmental processes, perks and much more. It takes between 50% and 80% of your company cost to maintain your team. Given that you're making such a significant investment in your human capital.

Do you think limiting your hiring resources would maximise your return on that human capital investment?


Customer service
Sales & Marketing
Financial Controller
Payroll & Accountants
Transport & Logistics
Warehouse & Distribution
  • Labour Hire solution
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Permanent Staffing

CBR Australia Can Reduce Time & Cost of Hiring Staff without compromising on service.


We have a young relationship with Copper Bottom Recruitment however we have been completely satisfied with their performance & professionalism. We have been delighted by Mukta Kalra’s ability to help and guide us towards improved HR & recruitment methods. I am happy to recommend the services of Copper Bottom Recruitment.

Samuel Krecek – Operations Manager

Fate Morgan Pty Ltd

Mukta possesses a deep knowledge about recruiting and works with a wide network of well-qualified individuals across a range of job disciplines. Mukta got a perfect approach to fill the right position whether it comes to quick labour hire or a permanent position or even a particular head hunting for very specific role. What I value the most is that she always listens but is never afraid to stand her ground when she feels that someone is the right fit for our business. Having a partnership with Mukta and CBR has significantly improved our time-to-hire on several key roles over the last year.

Prashant Baragale – Production Manager

Bradbury Group